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Maple's Holiday Flood

Maple's Holiday Flood
security camera footage

It is impressive to view time-lapse security camera footage of the flood that occurred when temperatures plummeted on Christmas Eve, causing a pipe to burst.

Several of Avon's can-do Facilities Department employees and administrators participated in the cleanup on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. At their January 9 meeting, the Avon Board of School Trustees celebrated these individuals:

  • Richard Arvin
  • George Edmonds
  • Larry Saxton
  • Andrew Garrison
  • Shaun Linn
  • Ricardo Fuentez
  • Sharol Todd
  • Mike Moore
  • Mike Rawlinson
  • Tim Miller
  • Deborah Swain-Bayless
  • Lieutenant Richard Craig.

Thanks to the selflessness and hard work of these dedicated individuals, the damage was minimized and students who returned to school on January 3 were unaware of the event.