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Celebrating Maple's Multilingual Learners

Celebrating Maple's Multilingual Learners

Can you imagine moving to a foreign country as a child, enrolling in school, and attempting to learn and make friends in a language you don't know?

This is the experience of a rapidly growing number of Avon students. 

Maple Elementary School Principal Nikki Harrison brought several guests to introduce to the Board. These students and their teachers demonstrated their emerging mastery of the English language and wowed everyone by introducing their proud family members in English. Family Liaison Rosa Liz assisted by translating the student and teacher presentations into Spanish so guests could enjoy, too.

We are proud of the students and teachers who participated:

  • Kindergarten: Lucas with Miss Kehoe
  • 2nd Grade: Twins Aranza and Luis with Miss Price and Ms. Schilling
  • 4th Grade: Eyuel and Delilah with Mrs. Toney

To the students, we are so impressed by you; we're glad you're Avon Orioles. To the parents, welcome to the community of Avon. To the dedicated educators and administrators who are doing such a great job teaching Lucas, Aranza, Luis, Eyuel, and Delilah — not to mention dozens more Multilingual Learners at Maple and the more than 1,000 Multilingual Learners in Avon Schools — thank you!